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What is Wellbeing Vitamins?

Wellbeing Vitamins - Feel good activities are researched and developed to help people come out from various physical, mental and emotional diseases. Wellbeing vitamins comes with feel good activities that covers common disease cycle that is pain at physical level, stress at mental level, mood swings at emotional level and negativity at attitude level.

Hence wellbeing vitamins covers these 4 areas such as release pain, destress, change mood and stay positive.

Each area comes with specific various therapies including sound and music therapy, psychotherapy, neurolinguistic program techniques and breathing techniques. Our effort is to help the user in terms of prevention as well as curative support by using wellbeing vitamins on daily basis.


" Creating Life And Realizing Inner-potential Through Yourself"

To reach 10000000+ people of various age groups with innovative products and services enabling all individuals to tap into their inner potentials leading to empowerment and fulfilling their life purpose with perfect clarity and harmony with self and others.


To practice togetherness in spirit of harmony with everyone for greater progress


To live with each other with practicing peace, joy and compassion in daily living


To live with each other with practicing peace, joy and compassion in daily living

Our team consist of specialists from different fields and touching different industries. This includes Health, IT, Education and Spiritual organizations. Our promoters have proven experience in teaching, training, guiding and mentoring individuals and the team about health and fitness. Some of our researchers and product associates come from Auroville, Tamilnadu (A universal township founded by The Mother). Such intense exposure to diverse global cultures is built in Yaha Life products of today and tomorrow.

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